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Pinheiro Neto elects seven new partners

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Brazilian law firm Pinheiro Neto has elected seven new partners, and who will assume their positions in January, covering IT and technology, tax and corporate litigation, banking and regulatory banking, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Technology, IT and litigation partner Ciro Torres Freitas brings experience in litigation and data privacy matters to the São Paulo office, and has an MA in law from São Paulo Catholic University, according to the law firm.

Ana Carolina Carpinetti has renowned expertise in tax litigation with emphasis on taxation of technology companies, as well as ample experience in technology law. She holds an MA in tax law from São Paulo Catholic University.

Tax litigation and arbitration and dispute resolution partner Andrea Mascitto has been recognized for her tax litigation practice for clients from several industries, she is also devoted to the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) niche. Banking and corporate litigation partner Eider Avelino has litigated for local and international clients, and holds an MA in civil procedure law from São Paulo Catholic University.

M&A and corporate law partner Roberta S. R. Bilotti has built her career around private equity, venture capital and project finance matters, and holds a master's degree in banking and finance from Boston University, while M&A partner Joamir M. Romiti will contribute his extensive experience in M&A and expertise in private equity, venture capital and corporate practice to the partnership. He holds an MA in corporate law from Harvard Law School.

Regulatory banking and corporate finance partner Leonardo Baptista Cruz brings vast expertise in corporate and banking law to the role, focusing on regulatory banking and corporate finance matters. He holds an MA in corporate and securities law from the University of Virginia.
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